Best Worship Quotes | Prayer And Worship Quotes

Best Worship Quotes | Prayer And Worship Quotes | Prayer And Worship Quotes, Worship Quotes From The Bible, Worship Leader Quotes

Worship Quotes

“No Man Gives Anything Acceptable To God Until Has Has First Given Himself In Love And Sacrifice.” – A.W. Tozer


 “A Private Relationship Of Worshiping God Is The Greatest Essential Element Of Spiritual Fitness.” – Oswald Chambers


“You Have Made Us For Yourself, And Our Heart Is Restless Until It Rests In You.” – Augustine


 “Man Is Never More Truly Man Than When He Worships God.” – James B. Torrance


 “In My Distress I Called To The Lord, And He Answered Me.”
– Psalm


“Praise And Worship Is Such A Powerful Device Is Able To Dismantle Every Shackle And Its Able To Breakdown Every Wall.” – Euginia Herlihy


 “If You Come To Worship For Any Reason Other Than The Joy And Pleasure And Satisfaction That Are To Be Found In God, You Dishonor Him…God’s Greatest Delight Is Your Delight In Him.” – Sam Storms


 “This Is The Great Paradox Of Living The Blessed Life: When We Give Without Thought To Whether Or Not We Will Receive, Then We Receive.” – Robert Morris

 “Worship Is The Highest Elevation Of The Spirit, And Yet The Lowliest Prostration Of The Soul.” – Charles H. Spurgeon


 “Worship Changes The Worshiper Into The Image Of The One Worshiped.”
– Jack Hayford


Top Worship Quotes


 “Music Expresses That Which Cannot Be Said And On Which It Is Impossible To Be Silent.” – Victor Hugo


 “The Highest Form Of Worship Is The Worship Of Unselfish Christian Service.” – Billy Graham


Prayer And Worship Quotes


“Any Man Or Woman On This Earth Who Is Bored Or Turned Off By Worship Is Not Ready For Heaven.” – A.W. Tozer


 “God Has Not Called Me To Be Successful. He Called Me To Be Faithful.”  Mother Teresa

The Best, Most Beautiful, And Most Perfect Way That We Have Of Expressing A Sweet Concord Of Mind To Each Other Is By Music.” – Jonathan Edwards


 “Songs Of Worship Arise From A Life Of Worship.”
– Tim Hughes


 “Learn To Dance, So When You Get To Heaven The Angels Know What To Do With You.” – St. Augustine


 “Worship Is The Specific Act Of Ascribing To God The Glory, Majesty, Honor, And Worthiness Which Are His.” – Jerry Bridges


 “Jesus Looked At Them And Said, ‘With Man This Is Impossible, But Not With God; All Things Are Possible With God.” – Mark


 “Jesus Is The Human Face Of God And The Divine Face Of Man.”
– St. John Paul II


 “If You Have A Problem In Your Life That You Can’t Fathom Or Understand, You Have To Examine Your Prayer Life, Not The Problem.” – Mother Angelica


 “Worship Is Zealous, Famous And Joyful.”
– Mac Canoza


 “When The Church Is Unified And The Lord Is Glorified, Then The Saints Will Be Edified, Sinners Will Be Sanctified, And The Devil Will Be Terrified.” – Anthony Warner


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“When The Music Is Birthed From A Place Of Worship, It Carries A Spirit Of Worship.” – Temi Peters


Latest Worship Quotes


 “One Word From God Can Change Your Entire World. It Can Change Your Entire Point Of View. It Can Uplift You And Bless You Like No One Else Can.” – Ruben Barreto


 “I Desire Only Him And To Be Wholly His.” – Brother Lawrence


 “We Must Never Rest Until Everything Inside Us Worships God.” – A. W. Tozer


“I Never Knew How To Worship Until I Knew How To Love.” – Henry Ward Beecher


Famous Worship Quotes


 “Don’t Let Life Affect Your Worship; Let Your Worship Effect Life.” – LaMar Boschman


 “You Can See God From Anywhere If Your Mind Is Set To Love And Obey Him.” – A. W. Tozer


 “Fruitful And Acceptable Worship Begins Before It Begins.”
– Alexander MacLaren






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“When I Worship, I Would Rather My Heart Be Without Words Than My Words Be Without Heart.” – Lamar Boschman


“Reflect Upon Your Present Blessings – Of Which Every Man Has Many – Not On Your Past Misfortunes, Of Which All Men Have Some.” – Charles Dickens


 “In Commanding Us To Glorify Him, God Is Inviting Us To Enjoy Him.” – C.S. Lewis


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 “The Lord Will Not Allow The Righteous Soul To Famish, But He Casts Away The Desire Of The Wicked.” – Proverbs


 “It Is The Pleasing Of God That Is At The Heart Of Worship.” – R.C. Sproul


Worship Quotes From The Bible


 “Neglect True Spiritual Worship, His Manifest Presence Is Rarely Experienced.” – Ralph Mahoney


Worship Leader Quotes


 “When You Have A Heart To Serve And Help Others It Unlocks Something In You” – Reuben Morgan


 “All Christian Power Springs From Communion With God And From The Indwelling Of Divine Grace.” – James H. Aughey


 “A Kind Gesture Can Reach A Wound That Only Compassion Can Heal.” – Steve Maraboli


“We Should Know And Celebrate God With Our Whole Person.” – C.S. Keener


 “JAH Has Always Come Through For Me. HE Has Answered Most Of My Prayers In Ways I Cannot Explain. Even When HE Does Not, I Will Be Still Knowing That HE IS GOD.” – Don Santo


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Ministering To The Lord In Private Is The Foundation And Prerequisite For Leading In The Public Meeting” – Paul Baloche


 “A True Love Of God Must Begin With A Delight In His Holiness.” – Jonathan Edwards


 “Church Attendance Is As Vital To A Disciple As A Transfusion Of Rich, Healthy Blood To A Sick Man.” – Dwight L. Moody


“Don’t Let Life Affect Your Worship; Let Your Worship Effect Life.”
– L. Boschman


 “Worship Changes The Worshiper Into The Image Of The One Worshiped” – Jack Hayford


Self-Worship Quotes


“But We Can’t Love Anything In The Right Way Unless We Love God More.” – Bob Kauflin


 “Through Him Then Let Us Continually Offer Up A Sacrifice Of Praise To God, That Is, The Fruit Of Lips That Acknowledge His Name.” – Hebrews


 “When My Life Was Fainting Away, I Remembered The Lord, And My Prayer Came To You, Into Your Holy Temple.” – Jonah


 “Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction, Faithful In Prayer.”
– Romans



 “He Loves Our Praise, It’s His Conduit To Break Open Heaven.” – Jacob Cook


“The Decision Is Yours. Only You Can Change Your Attitude Towards Worshipping God.” – Shelena Griffiths


“When We Lift Our Hands In Praise And Worship, We Break Spiritual Jars Of Perfume Over Jesus. The Fragrance Of Our Praise Fills The Whole Earth And Touches The Heart Of God.” – Dennis Ignatius


 “If God Were Small Enough To Be Understood, He Would Not Be Big Enough To Be Worshiped.” – Evelyn Underhill


“Lukewarm People Don’t Really Want To Be Saved From Their Sin; They Want Only To Be Saved From The Penalty Of Their Sin.” – Francis Chan


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“Praise Is The Rehearsal Of Our Eternal Song By Grace We Learn To Sing, And In Glory We Continue To Sing.” – Charles Spurgeon


Sunday Worship Quotes


 “When We Worship God As We Ought That’s When The Nations Listen.”
– Edmund Clowney


“Let’s Determine To Finish Well By Helping Facilitate A Lifelong Conversation And Sense Of Community Between God And The People He Has Called Us To Serve.” – Paul Baloche


 “In The Process Of Being Worshiped God Communicates His Presence To Men.” – C. S. Lewis


 “Oh Come, Let Us Worship And Bow Down; Let Us Kneel Before The Lord, Our Maker.” – Psalm


 “Church Was Never Intended To Be A Place Where We Serve God To The Exclusion Of Meeting With Him” – James Mac Donald

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