Best Airplane Quotes | Inspirational Airplane Quotes English Quotes, Quotes

Best Airplane Quotes | Inspirational Airplane Quotes English Quotes, Quotes   Inspirational Airplane Quotes, Airplane Quotes For Instagram, Airplane Quotes About Life

Airplane Quotes

 “Let’s Get One Thing Straight. There’s A Big Difference Between A Pilot And An Aviator. One Is A Technician; The Other Is An Artist In Love With Flight.”


 “Aviation Is Proof That Given, The Will, We Have The Capacity To Achieve The Impossible.” – Edward Vernon Rickenbacker


 If You Have A Fear Of Flying, Don’t. The Data Are Very Clear: If You Have To Travel Someplace, The Safest Way Is By Airplane.” – Peter Diamandis


 “I Heard An Airplane Passing Overhead. I Wished I Was On It.” – Charles Bukowski


Inspirational Airplane Quotes

  “The Engine Is The Heart Of An Airplane, But The Pilot Is Its Soul.”  Walter Raleigh

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  “Every Takeoff Is Optional. Every Landing Is Mandatory.” – Pilot Humor

  “The Airplane Stays Up Because It Doesn’t Have The Time To Fall.” – Orville Wright

 “Airplanes Are Beautiful, Cursed Dreams, Waiting For The Sky To Swallow Them Up.” – Caproni


Airplane Quotes For Instagram

  “Yes, I Do, I Guess. Perhaps More So When I Am In Trouble. Especially When I Am Flying In An Airplane.” – Abhaidev


  “I Fly Because It Releases My Mind From The Tyranny Of Petty Things.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery


  “Learn From The Mistakes Of Others. You Won’t Live Long Enough To Make All Of Them Yourself.”

Short Airplane Quotes

  “Please Get On An Airplane Or A Horse, Because It’s Pretty Spectacular.” – Kelly Ripa

Airplane Quotes About Life

 “All I Need Is A Passport, Plane Ticket, And Positive Vibes.”

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  “Pilots Have An Established History Of Committing Mass Murder During Their Suicides.” – Steven Magee


 “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step The Step Taken To Climb The Ladder Which Gets You Into The Airplane.” – Ankala Subbarao


  “A ‘Good’ Landing Is One From Which You Can Walk Away. A ‘Great’ Landing Is One After Which They Can Use The Plane Again.”


 “The Only Mystery In Life Is Why The Kamikaze Pilots Wore Helmets.” – Al McGuire

Airplane Quotes Captain Oveur

  “Aeronautics Was Neither An Industry Nor A Science. It Was A Miracle.” – Igor Sikorsky


  “A Breeze Blows Up, Touching My Cheek Like A Little Child’s Kiss. It Flutters A Piece Of Paper. “Trash, Out There? Must Belong To One Of Us.” We Move Closer, And When I Reached For It, I Find A Perfect Paper Airplane.” – Ellen Hopkins


  “We Are In The Process Of Finding Out What Filling The Sky With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Satellites Does To All Life On Earth.” – Steven Magee


 “There’s Only One Job In This World That Gives You An Office In The Sky; And That Is Pilot.” – Mohith Agadi

  “Flying Isn’t Dangerous. Crashing Is What’s Dangerous.”

  “There’s Only One Job In This World That Gives You An Office In The Sky; And That Is Pilot.” – Mohith Agadi


  “Nine G’s Is Good, If The Pilot Can Stand It. We Couldn’t Stand It. Not In The Airplanes Of World War II.” – Adolf Galland

 “The Airplane Stays Up Because It Doesn’t Have Time To Fall.”

  “The Face Will Tell You How Hard It Is To Be At The Airport With A Bag Heavier Than You.”

Airplane Quotes Hospital

  “Airplane Travel Is Nature’s Way Of Making You Look Like Your Passport Photo.”


 “There Is Truly No Other Place Bearing So Much Love As Airports.” – Ioana Cristina Casapu


 “Airplanes May Kill You, But They Ain’t Likely To Hurt You.” – Satchel Paige


  “To Invent An Airplane Is Nothing. To Build One Is Something. But To Fly Is Everything.” – Otto Lilienthal

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 “Man Is Flying Too Fast For A World That Is Round. Soon He Will Catch Up With Himself In A Great Rear End Collision.” – James Thurber

 “It Takes So Many Things To Make Love Last. But Most Of All, It Takes Respect, And I Can’t Live With A Man I Don’t Respect.” – Julie Hagerty

 “There Are No Practical Alternatives To Air Transportation.” – Daniel S. Goldin


 “I Travel A Lot; I Hate Having My Life Disrupted By Routine.” – Caskie Stinnett

 “Flying Is The Second Greatest Thrill Known To Man .Landing Is The First.”

  “To Fly Boeing Or Not To Fly Boeing, That Is The Question.” – Steven Magee

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