Estimated EF-3 tornado hit Yuma Tuesday, first time since before 1950, NWS says

YUMA, Colo. — The tornado that touched down in northeastern Colorado Tuesday was likely an EF-3 tornado, according to the National Weather Service office in Goodland, Kansas. That would be the first time a tornado has caused that amount of damage and generated such high wind speeds in Yuma County since before 1950.

The EF-3 rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale meansthe area may have seen damaging winds anywhere from 136-165 mph, as the NWS estimates the peak wind speed during the storm got up to 150 mph.

The tornado carved a more than 6 mile path through the area, according to the NWS preliminary storm survey results.

The NWS found the tornado remained south of the City of Yuma, damaging irrigation pivots, trees and power poles. There was also damage to at least two homes, grain bins and a farming equipment storage facility.

Since Tuesday’s tornado rating is a preliminary evaluation from the NWS, it could be subject to change.

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Colorado weather explained: What to know about tornado season

5:05 PM, May 27, 2022

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