Emmanuelle Beart Husband, Who Is Emmanuelle Beart Married To?

Emmanuelle Beart Husband – Emmanuelle Beart is a 60-year-old popular French actress featured in numerous movies and television shows over decades. 

Even though she gained immense popularity in the U.S. and worldwide for her appearance in the Hollywood film Mission Impossible, she was already a massive star in France. 

She is known for her outstanding performances in movies like A Heart in Winter, Manon of the Spring, Nelly, and Mr. Arnaud. Beart even won a César film award for the movie Manon of the Spring, released in 1986, and was nominated for the same in France seven more times.

Emmanuelle Beart has married her husband, Frédéric Chaudier, since 2018. Even though not much is revealed to the public, here is all the information about Emmanuelle Beart’s husband.

Who Is Emmanuelle Beart Husband?

They tied the knot on September 21, 2018, amongst close family and friends in an intimate ceremony. Emmanuelle candidly shared in an interview with Elle magazine that she was the one to propose Chaudier. 

 The actress does not reveal much about her love story or married life. She always has kept her husband from the public eye, keeping her relationship and personal life as private as possible. 

Mainly because Emmanuelle values her privacy and prefers to keep things discreet. 

There is just one picture featuring them together, which she posted on her Instagram. It was the time when they were spotted with the late singer Charles Aznavour on September 7, 2018. 

Before Chaudier, Beart was married twice and divorced, with many romantic involvements during her career. 

What Does Emmanuelle Beart Husband Do?

Frédéric Chaudier, the husband of Emmanuelle Beart, is a renowned and talented professional in the field of cinematography and direction. 

He started his career in the French film industry with his directorial debut in 1996. He directed a critically acclaimed short film titled Moi Jaime Albert.  

He is also a well-known French documentary known for his works, such as Moi j’aime Albert (1996), Révolution Sida (2022), and Les yeux ouverts (2010).

Emmanuelle Beart Dating Life 

Emmanuelle Beart got married twice in her life. Daniel Auteuil was her first husband, with whom she tied the knot in 1993. Daniel was a French actor, screenwriter, director, and writer known for notable movies like Cache (2005). 

Emmanuelle Beart First Husband
Emmanuelle Beart First Husband

She divorced her first husband, Daniel, in 1995, right after two years of marriage. She was romantically linked to David François Moreau, a music producer in the French film industry.

Later, he was also involved with a film producer, Vincent Meyer, for two years.

She then had three children, including Johan Moreau and Nelly Autelli from David Moreau and Daniel Auteuil (first husband), respectively. 

Then, On August 13, 2008, she got married a second time to actor Michaël Cohen at Genappe in Belgium and separated in 2011. With him, she also adopted a child named Surafel from Ethiopia. 

Emmanuelle Beart Second Husband
Emmanuelle Beart Second Husband

Finally, she got romantically involved with Frédéric Chaudier, her current husband, and married him on September 21. 2018.  

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