Danelo Cavalcante Wife, Is He Married? Killed His Ex-Girlfriend In Front Of Her Children

Danelo Cavalcante Wife – Danelo Cavalcante is a Brazilian criminal and fugitive in the US. Maranhao born 34 years old, Danelo was sentenced to life in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend Deborah Brandao by stabbing her to death in April 2021.

Danelo fled from the jail climbing the walls of the prison on 32 August 2023. Police are still searching for him and they say that he is hiding in the bush where he hid when he committed murder in 2017 in Tocantins.

Police placed him on the Interpol red list on 11 September 2023 and An offer of a $20k reward is kept for providing Danelo’s whereabouts. 

In this article, you are about to know Danelo Cavalcante Wife, Is he married? Killed His Girlfriend in Front of Her Children. 

Danelo Cavalcante Wife: Who is Danelo’s Wife?

Many people want to know Criminal Danelo Cavalcante’s marital status. They want to know about his wife or his life partner. But we want to tell all the people who are searching for his wife, that he is not married. He doesn’t have a wife. He was in a relationship with a woman who was a mother.

Is Danelo Cavalcante married? 

No, Danelo Cavalcante is not married but it is not confirmed whether he married before or not. But when he committed a crime, he was not married. 

Who was Danelo Cavalcante’s ex-girlfriend?

Danelo Cavalcante had been in a relationship with Deborah Brandao who was a 33-year-old woman. She was the mother of two children a daughter and a son. When Danelo killed his ex-girlfriend, Deborah, at that time, her daughter was 7 years old and her son was 3 years old.

Danelo Cavalcante's ex-girlfriend
Danelo Cavalcante’s ex-girlfriend Deborah

How did Danelo Davalcante and Deborah Brandao meet?

5 Feet tall Danelo and Deborah met through their mutual friends. Later They came into a relationship and they started to live together with her two children after 2 years of relationship.

Why did Danelo Cavalcante kill his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao?

Danelo Cavalcante bit Deborah on her life hard which caused her to draw blood in June 2020. He chased her and her children out of their home. Deborah with her two children hid in a neighbour’s apartment.

Deborah Brandao Children
Deborah Brandao with her two Children

Police issued an arrest warrant for Danelo but he didn’t turn himself in. After a year, Danelo attacked Deborah chasing her with a knife. Then again she escaped from him and filed a report for a temporary abuse order against him at the police station but the case was dismissed in March 2021 when she didn’t appear in the court at a hearing.

According to evidence, Danelo drove to Deborah’s home to confront her in April 2021. Her children were playing nearby and Danelo pulled Deborah by her hair and threw her to the ground in front of her two children. Then he started to stab her again and again to death with a knife in Schuylkill Township back in April 2021 in front of her two children.

Deborah was pronounced dead at Paoli Hospital. Denelo’s two friends testified during Denelo’s trial that they helped the murder convict escape but they gave him clean clothes so that he could disappear for a while.

Prosecutors said that Denelo killed Deborah to stop her from telling police about his arrest warrant for murder in Brazil. After stabbing Deborah, Danelo was seen in Virginia when he was attempting to return to Brazil. Police caught him trying to flee to Mexico and arrested him.

Danelo was convicted of murder charges in August 2023. On 16 August 2023, he was found guilty of his ex-girlfriend’s murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without payroll. He was kept in Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania from where he escaped climbing jail walls on 31 August 2023 at around 8:50 am.

Danelo was captured on camera at Longwood Gardens in East Marlborough Township on 4 September 2023. He moved to North at around 8:21 pm and then he was again captured coming past the camera again at 9:33 pm with a backpack and a hooded sweatshirt during his escape.

Police said,

“Cavalcante has been seen at the intersection of Routes 926 and 52, north on Route 52 to Parkersville Road, southeast to Route 926, and west to the intersection of Routes 926 and 52 in Pocopson Township.”

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