Camila Cabello In See-Through Robe Releases Her Inner ‘Baddie’

Singer Camila Cabello is not leaving much to the imagination in a see-through robe.

The “Havana” singer posed topless and flaunted her natural curves in several revealing outfits for her latest photoshoot.

Topless Camila Cabello Leaves Little To The Imagination In A See-Through Robe

Camila Cabello for Ellen von Unwerth
Instagram | Camila Cabello

The “Shameless” singer looks good no matter what she wears and she did not hold back in her latest photo shoot that featured her posing in a variety of outfits. In one phot, she is wearing a sheer black see-through robe that is artfully draped over her body, allowing fans to see the black strap of her lacy black panties sitting along her waist.

She is reclining barefoot against a plush chair, showing off her lean legs. Her long dark hair is slicked back out of her face and secured by a black headband as she smolders for the shot, letting the robe fall off o one shoulder as she holds a lady finger banana in one hand. There is a whole bunch of lady finger bananas gathered in her lap as well.

Camila Sticks Out Her Tongue While Posing Topless In A Feathery White Jacket

Camila Cabello for Ellen von Unwerth
Instagram | Camila Cabello

In another shot, the “Worth It” singer winked at the camera while running her tongue suggestively along her upper lip. Her long dark hair is brushed behind her shoulders, although she is sporting her signature blunt bangs for this black-and-white shot. She has a feathery white jacket that is sliding over her shoulders, although with high-waisted white pants.

It’s clear that Camila is not wearing anything underneath the white jacket, as she covers her chest with both hands. The singer has never been shy about sharing her body with her Instagram followers. In fact, earlier this week, she shared a photo of her skinny dipping topless in the pool, only covering her body with some strategically placed butterfly emojis.

Camila Cabello Looks Ready To Party In A Mint Green Number!

Camila Cabello for Ellen von Unwerth
Instagram | Camila Cabello

In another photo, it looks like the “Bam Bam” singer is still not wearing anything underneath her jacket. The feathery white top has been replaced by a mint green blazer with a plunging neckline. The shoulders and sleeves are decorated with black swirling ornamentation that compliments her high-waist black leather short shorts. She paired the mint green blazer with a wide-brimmed green hat and black heels.

In this shot, Camila is kneeling on a hotel tray table in the middle of a long hallway. There are two empty glasses of champagne on the table, along with an ice bucket, a bowl of pastries, and various condiments. Camila has the sealed champagne bottle in one hand, holding it up to her mouth as if she intends to drink from it.

Is There An Outfit That Camila Can’t Pull Off?

Camila Cabello for Ellen von Unwerth
Instagram | Camila Cabello

The parade of different outfits continued as the “Work From Home” singer rocked a black strapless top that was secured by a white pearl bodice. The cage-like material matched the white choker necklace that wrapped around her neck as she posed for the shot with both of her hands holding onto the balcony on either side of her.

She is wearing black gloves that go all the way up past her arm along with high-waisted black slacks. In the caption of this Instagram post, Camila wrote, “@ellenvonunwerth is a baddie and brings the baddie out of everyone. My issue of @ellenvonunwerthvon is out now. thank you Elle.”

It Looks Like Ellen Von Unwerth Has Her Own Photos To Share!

Elle shared her own carousel on Instagram, much to the delight of fans who couldn’t get enough of her steamy snaps. The first photo features Camila staring down the camera in a black robe that is pulled off one shoulder, while her mint green outfit and white feathery jacket also make an appearance in this Instagram carousel.

In the caption, she wrote, “Such a pleasure to catch the amazingly talented and lovely @camila_cabello in her hotel room for a quick impromptu shoot for the cover of @ellenvonunwerthvon during #pfw23 to the team styling,” tagging the accounts of all those who helped bring the photo shoot to life.

“In love with these pictures of Camila Cabello. She has a natural beauty and sexiness that is unmatched,” one fan commented. “You make Camila Cabello so much more beautiful! Wonderful work. It’s impossible to not fall for her!” another follower chimed in. “Thanks for this,” a third fan added. “We love it.”

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