Busy Philipps Mourns Loss Of Best Friend In Emotional Post

Busy Philipps, popularly known for her roles in TV shows, “Freaks and Geeks” and “Dawson’s Creek,” is going through intense heartache following the death of her longtime best friend, Kate.

Fans learned about Kate’s passing when the Illinois native paid homage to her with the most touching tribute on social media, appreciating the deceased for their years of friendship and recounting the special moments they shared.

Busy Philipps Feels ‘Blessed’ To Have Had Her Late Best Friend’s Love In Her Life 

Philipps had only the best things to say about her bestie in her heartfelt tribute on Instagram, which she attached to a series of shots of their friendship over the years. “My most beautiful Kate girl,” she began, “I will never understand this as long as I live. I love you, I love you, I love you. And now you’re no longer in pain.”

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The “ER” star went on with praises for her close pal, describing her as someone with a “beautiful shining gigantic megawatt soul” and a “perfect smile that radiated so brightly.” She then mentioned that while she would not voice all she wanted to say about her late pal on Instagram, she was “truly” thankful that she got to tell her in the past five months.

Gushing more about Kate, Philipps listed all her commendable attributes, including her “grace, wisdom, taste, talent, creativity, insane sense of humor, laugh, and absolute fearlessness.”

She also called her the “best mom” to her kids and the “best wife to one of the truly great ones” before admitting that Kate was “thoughtful,” “loyal,” and “the most truthful human” she had ever known.

The “Home Room” actress explained that her best friend was always there for her, even during her last days, and Philipps was beyond honored to have been regarded as her best friend for three decades. She noted that the years they shared together were insufficient and felt sorry about Kate’s untimely passing, making her realize she did not know “the half of heartbreak like this.” 

In concluding the tribute, Philipps expressed, “I love you, my girl. Thank you for picking me all those years ago. I’m so blessed to have had your love in my life❤️.”

Fans felt distraught about the unfortunate loss as they sent their condolences in the comments section. One such sympathizer penned, “Nooooo. What?! This is horrible. I am so heartbroken for you and all who loved her. I am truly in shock❤️.”

Busy Philipps mourns loss of best friend
Instagram| Busy Philipps

A second who was once Kate’s neighbor described the deceased as truly “one of the kindest and most wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.”  A third followed, “I love you so much I wish I was with you right now. I’m so so sorry,” while another who had experienced the death of a best friend wrote: “This kind of heartbreak is specific. Thank you for putting it in such beautiful words.”

A fifth comment read, “Sending you so much love, Busy.” Similarly, one more commenter shared: “You make me wish I knew her. Lovely tribute. Missing is hard; I’m sorry for your great loss.” At the end of 2022, Philipps almost lost her life in a terrible accident outside her New York apartment, and she opened up about it on social media, using a video of the incident.

As the security footage showed, she tumbled head-on down her home’s front stairs while walking her dog, Gina. Fortunately, she survived. “The Smokers” actress was grateful for living to tell the tale, and she captioned the post, “2022, you broke my fucking heart in multiple ways, but at least you didn’t kill me,” adding, “Here’s to 2023!” 

The ‘Cougar Town’ Actress Revealed Her Daughter Would Go To Boarding School For The New School Year

Before sharing the devastating news of her friend’s death, Busy opened up about sending her daughter Birdie to boarding school for the first time — a decision she admitted was a difficult one while chatting with PEOPLE.

Busy Philipps sighting in New York City

She credited her ex-husband and father of her two kids, Marc Silverstein, for being “a little bit more thoughtful” about the decision compared to her initial disapproval.

The “Busy Tonight” host also said, “Ultimately, the plan is that she will be where she goes for all of high school, but I’m also open to this if it’s just a year.” 

Nevertheless, she believed it would be an “amazing” experience for her daughter as she would socialize with more kids after missing out during the pandemic.


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