Brother Heart Lyrics Gary Kemp Lyrics

When the colours of life seep out of your day, and the truth that was standing is now crumbling away;
When the question is why does it spread like disease? And your rivers run dry but you’re sunk to your knees.

When the sun brings the priest running over the fields, and you’re sick to your soul of the lies and the deals; when the moon brings the bleeding of a town in its fate, and there’s no room for dreaming in the shelter of faith.
Oh, beat again Brother Heart; beat again Brother Heart. When the lines of partition slash a scar through you breed,
And the mouths of agreement are all muted by greed; when the lie of the land rolls into your night look into your soul and look for the light.
Fly the wings of hope, take the branch to the dove; change the story line, find the truth up above. But when God seems to sleep and misses your life, and your prayers fall to Earth like shells in the night,

Let your broken heart weep and bleed for what’s right; look into your soul and look for the light.
Oh beat again Brother Heart;
Beat again Brother Heart.

Gary Kemp Lyrics

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