British Nurse Is Convicted of Killing Seven Newborns

Families of the victims said in a statement Friday that the verdicts amounted to justice but did not make up for years of what they called a “long, torturous and emotional journey.” The verdicts were also bittersweet, they said, because Ms. Letby was not convicted on all counts.

“Today, justice has been served and the nurse who should have been caring for our babies has been found guilty of harming them,” said the statement, which was provided by the police. “But this justice will not take away from the extreme hurt, anger and distress that we have all had to experience.”

Losing a baby or having a baby harmed in such circumstances was “unimaginable,” they said, adding that some of the surviving babies still suffered from Ms. Letby’s actions years later.

Benjamin Myers, the lawyer who defended Ms. Letby, declined to comment on the verdict.

Steve Barclay, the British health secretary, said he had ordered an independent inquiry into how Ms. Letby managed to evade detection for years, following reports in the British news media that hospital managers had ignored repeated warnings about her conduct.

Nigel Scawn, the medical director at the Countess of Chester Hospital where Ms. Letby worked, pledged that “significant changes” had been made since the nurse’s killing spree.

“We are committed to ensuring that lessons continue to be learned,” he told reporters.

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