Brena Tracy Activist Children, Know Her Role As Mother

Brena Tracy Activist Children – Brena Tracy is a rape survivor, advocate, and registered nurse. In 1998, she became the victim of physical assault by four college football players.

Then she visited a hospital and filed a police report at the police station but nothing happened. Although, law enforcement collected some evidence the District refused to prosecute her case. Later she moved on with her life to deal with the life-altering trauma on her own.

Those four players who raped her, moved on with little consequence. Finally, in 2014, Brena found the courage to step forward publicly and then she started the non-profit Set The Expectation to empower men to become changemakers in their communities.

Brena Tracy is accusing Michigan State Football head coach Mel Tucker of physical assault misconduct in April 2022. 

Brena Tracy Activist Children

Brena Tracy is the mother of two sons named Darius Adams and Devante. When she was 18 years old, she became the other of her elder son Darius Adams. When she was physically assaulted, her elder son was 5 and her younger son was 4 years old. When Brena’s children were kids, their parents divorced due to their father’s drug and alcohol issues.

Know Brena Tracy’s Role as a Mother

Brena Tracy’s son struggled with suicidal thoughts and unjustified resentment of his mother Brena for most of his life. However, Brena made an effort to assist Darius who dropped out of high school.

Know Brena Tracy's Role as a Mother
Know Brena Tracy’s Role as a Mother

Brena didn’t tell about her physical assault and her husband’s abuse of Darius until Darius was 17 years old. Brena has played a key role in making a change in Darius’s life who gave his best to his studies before joining the basketball squad.

Brena’s sons are active members of the community who started the petition to put the NCAA physical abuse policy into effect together.

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