Battling social media addiction? Zerodha CEO’s experience may help you

In the world of social media, where we constantly scroll apps for hours, and affecting our mental health, brokerage firm Zerodha’s founder Nithin Kamath has shared tips to cut down this addiction and live a more peaceful life.

Since the arrival of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, the urge to receive ‘maximum’ likes and ‘positive’ comments has become a big distraction in everyday life. Besides, the constant need for dopamine hits from likes and shares triggers to post things even when there is nothing to share. And if a post doesn’t get activity, people don’t feel good as ‘we consciously or subconsciously compare ourselves to others all the time’, Kamath said.

Henceforth, sharing some powerful tips on how to overcome from social media addiction, the Zerodha founder wrote a post on the X platform.

Kamath wrote, “Being on social media and fighting all these urges and triggers is one of the most challenging things I have done”.

Kamath added that Bhuvan from Zerodha online helped him to beat the social media addiction. As per Kamath’s long post on how to de-addict yourself from social media, he followed simple rules such as –no tracking of comments, not engaging with anyone online, using social media only for 30 minutes per day, and avoiding consuming the content on the social media platform.

“What seems to be helping me is to have Bhuvan with the power to kill all my posts and try not to go in the rabbit hole of tracking comments and not engage with anyone online”.

“Also, having a time limit of 30 minutes per day and avoiding consuming the content the social media platform algorithms push stops me from that default reaction of scrolling down to see more” Kamath added.

Reacting to Kamath’s post, Amit Misra, founder of Dazeinfo praised him. “The dopamine-driven social media is a challenge we all face. Your tactics to stay grounded are commendable & an inspiration to others.

In the era of oversharing & overstimulation, your approach to social media is a lesson in mindfulness & self-control. Keep setting the example!”.

Another social media user wrote, “Very true.

Just a little thought on it, the more people expose themselves on social media the more vulnerable they become”.

One user replied, “You have attained Twitter Nirvana indeed”, on Kamth’s post.

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