An Inexperienced Man Lyrics Gary Kemp Lyrics

Lay your head down upon my faithless arm,
For one more night I’ll forgive the stars.
Someone said, ‘The plot decides the character’,
the wind that blows will force this tree to lean.
You leave the ruin, and feel no pity,
We dream of our islands when we should rebuild our city,

But I just don’t understand, because I, I’m an inexperienced man.
He walks the street, a young man never felt so old. There’s no more in the soil to turn, is what he’s told.
‘We’re closing down, sorry things seem incomplete’,
and all the skills and all he knows can’t even lift the sheets.
They built this town on hope and glory,
but now the wind blows through and tells another story.
But he just doesn’t understand. And he says,
I’m an inexperienced man, an inexperienced man….
We’re so naïve here, just don’t understand.
Lay your head down upon my faithless arm,
for one more night, I’ll forgive the stars.
And I, I, I, I’m, an inexperienced man.

Gary Kemp Lyrics

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