Adil Khan Rakhi Sawant Age Difference

Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani had been in Mysuru jail for 5 months. Adil Khan is 38 years old whereas Rakhi Sawanat is 44 years old. They have 6 years age gap between them. 

Adil Khan Durrani is a 5 feet 6 inches Indian businessman who was born in Mysore, Karnataka. He completed his high school study at Marimallappa’s High School, Mysore, and received BBM degree from the Vidhyaashram First Grade College, Mysore, Karnataka. 

Adil Khan and Indian dancer and model Rakhi Sawant got married on 29 May 2022 in a Nikah ceremony in the presence of a Qazi and they did a court marriage on 2 July 2022. 

After completing his 5 months of jail in Mysuru Jail, Adil is back in Mumbai who was detained by the Mumbai police on 7 February 2023 after a complaint by Rkahi accusing him of fraud and cheating. Police arrested him after Rakhi filed another complaint for unnatural physical behavior. Refusing the allegation, Adil said, 

“All these accusations are baseless. Rakhi had threatened to ruin my life and she did that.”

He also added, 

‘Rakhi was cheating on me with Ritesh Singh’

Adil also told that how they met, 

I was introduced to Rakhi by a mutual friend in Mumbai in 2021. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking. I didn’t know much about Rakhi’s past at that time apart from the fact that she was earlier married to Ritesh Singh, which ended in divorce. She said the marriage didn’t hold, as Ritesh hadn’t divorced his wife. After a few months of courtship, Rakhi and I tied the knot according to Islamic rituals on May 29, 2022, followed by official registration on July 2, 2022.”

Further, he told, 

“After Rakhi returned from a London event in October last year, I discovered she was in touch with Ritesh and cheating on me. When I confronted her about her equation with Ritesh, she accused me of infidelity in the media. Tired of the mess in my life, I asked for a divorce. She agreed to give me a divorce under the condition that I provided her with all the evidence I had about her and Ritesh. However, she intended to frame me. On February 7, she called me to her residence to collect my belongings and pleaded with me for another chance after I reached there. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang, and to my shock, I found the police outside. She told them that I assaulted her resulting in my detention. Later, she accused me of unnatural sex. I was arrested and sent to Arthur Road jail. The reports of unnatural sex came negative, and I was granted bail on February 22. However, on February 10, I learnt about an Iranian woman filing a complaint against me for rape following which I was jailed in Mysuru on February 21.”

Later he said that 

‘Rakhi influenced her to file a complaint against me’

The Iranian woman claimed that Adil and she shared an apartment but Adil continuously dined all allegations and said, 

“She is someone I helped financially. I must have spent over Rs 31 lakh on her studies and even sent money to her mother in Iran for her cancer treatment. She was a close friend and I made Rakhi meet her twice. Everything aside, how can I rape someone who claims to be in a relationship with me for over five years? Rakhi influenced her to file a rape case against me. I have come to know that she gave her Rs three lakh and promised to divide the Rs 25 lakh she gets from me for withdrawing all charges and making her a star in Bollywood.”

Adil Said, 

‘I didn’t threaten Rakhi from jail; she reached out to me’

Rakhi claimed that Adil threatened her and he said to kill her while he was inside a Mysuru Juil. 

On this part, Adil said, 

“Rakhi sent a person to jail who told me that she and the Iranian girl wanted to settle things with me. I called her from the superintendent’s phone and the other girl was also on the call. We spoke for 16 minutes. I immediately called my lawyer and told him about this. On the day of the bail hearing, I was shocked to learn that Rakhi used that call and said I was threatening her. I was denied bail and was in jail for five months. It was a nightmare. I cried every night and asked God the reason for my suffering. The answer is Rakhi Sawant; she is the biggest mistake of my life.”

‘I am the victim here and will go to any lengths for justice’

Adil Khan Durrani was freed from jail on 21 July 2023 and he started evidence to file a case against Rakhi. He said, 

“The rape report was negative and now I have decided to fight Rakhi for wrongly accusing me. One of them will be a defamation suit. My legal team will soon start working on divorce formalities. Her claims of me hitting her and threatening to throw acid on her if she didn’t do namaz are unfounded. I have never shouted or raised my hand at her. In fact, Rakhi hit me on several occasions, and I have evidence against her. She claims to have invested Rs 1.5 crore in my automobile business out of which Rs 41 lakh has been repaid. I also invested in her dance academy, and production house, bought her a flat in Dubai, cleared her loan of Rs 24.50 lakh for a flat in Goregaon, and bought her expensive gifts. After settling everything, she is liable to pay me Rs 91 lakh.”

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