Adam Busby Gets Wrath From Fans Over ‘Stupid’ Comment

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby is getting wrath from fans over a “stupid” comment he made. It looks like many viewers are unimpressed with him and have a lot to say about the way he treated someone very dear to him. What did the father of six say that’s sending so much backlash his way? Keep reading for all of the details.

The Busbys have been on TLC since 2016. So, they are used to living their lives in the public eye. They get a lot of attention from their show, social media, YouTube, and more. With this comes both positive and negative comments. As we reported, Danielle Busby took the heat as fans thought she was duping other brands’ products. On the other hand, Adam is sometimes the recipient of praise. But they are both loved and disliked for various reasons at different times.

Most recently, Adam Busby is being criticized for something he said that was out of line.

What did Adam Busby say?

In OutDaughtered Season 9 Episode 1, Danielle chats with her friends about Adam making comments about her weight. Also in the new season, Adam mentions that his wife isn’t really using the Peloton bike they purchased. When she asks him to move the Peloton to a different spot in the house, he comments, “It’s not like you ever use it”.

YouTube - Adam Busby
YouTube – Adam Busby

OutDaughtered fans are furious with the TLC star.

On Reddit, one viewer started a new thread about the comment Adam made to his wife. They’re also discussing the fact that Danielle felt it was necessary to bring it up to her friends. It must have happened a couple of times if she thought it was worth mentioning.

One OutDaughtered viewer said, “Commenting on your wife’s weight is risky under normal circumstances; commenting on your wife’s weight on national tv is not only stupid, it’s not very nice.”

Another chimed in, “I think it was a low blow from him. He knows she suffers from an autoimmune disease but uses what could be a side effect against her in a petty argument.”

They added, “Joking about something she can’t control doesn’t help any.”

In a comment, another fan pointed out that Adam Busby claimed it was taken “out of context.” However, some think there’s enough information here to say that Adam was out of line to mention his wife’s weight.

Adam commenting on Danielle’s weight
by u/ChelseaOfEarth in outdaughtered

So, what do you think of Adam Busby’s “stupid” comment? Do you agree with the fans who are furious with him? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Busby family. Plus, tune in to TLC on Tuesdays to enjoy the newest episodes of OutDaughtered. 

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