Accident on DVP leaves cops to deal with barefoot woman wielding bottle of vodka

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A woman who allegedly caused an accident on Toronto’s Don Valley Pkwy. made the commute a lot more frustrating for those stuck on the highway.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in the southbound lanes of the DVP at Queen St. E., just after 2:30 p.m. so before the highway traffic can get really bad.

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But the accident did that for motorists, blocking both lanes and effectively shutting down traffic trying to get into the downtown core.

Emergency crews responded to the collision — but it was no ordinary crash. This one involved a woman running around the highway barefoot and allegedly intoxicated.

Baffled witnesses took to the social media site X (formerly Twitter) to share their experiences.

“Quite the drama under Queen as woman causes accident,” former Metrolinx spokesperson and media strategist Anne Marie Aikins said.

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